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190919_EJ_quay_tower-0477_HIGH RES.jpg

Quay Tower

CDA worked closely with the California firm of Marmol Radziner to execute the vision for the interiors of  this incomparable residential development that hovers over Brooklyn Bridge Park as the New York City harbor and the Manhattan skyline unfurl before it.
Premium materials have been used throughout the project including polished marble, hardwood flooring and cabinetry. A neutral color palette creates a calming and timeless backdrop while allowing the stunning views to take center stage.  Residents enjoy a one-of-a-kind waterfront lifestyle.

190614_EJ_190614_QUAY_TOWER_3-0018_HIGH RES.jpg
190919_EJ_quay_tower-0373_HIGH RES.jpg
190919_EJ_quay_tower-0300_HIGH RES.jpg
190614_EJ_190614_QUAY_TOWER_3-0160_HIGH RES.jpg
190614_EJ_190614_QUAY_TOWER_3-0173_HIGH RES.jpg
190919_EJ_quay_tower-0153_HIGH RES.jpg
190614_EJ_190614_QUAY_TOWER_3-0281_HIGH RES.jpg
190919_EJ_QUAY_TOWER-0583_HIGH RES.jpg
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